Animated Commercials

The new trend in advertising

What is an Animated Commercial

Animated Commercials are the future of Above the Line Advertising. Created faster and at a fraction of the cost, they normally involve no filming. Reviews can be done quickly and ads can easily be altered to fit broader demographics. Animation videos tell stories in a more fun and concise manner, better utilizing short ad times.

Why you need to use an Animated Commercial

Animated Commercials can be used across multiple platforms, from television to Facebook, YouTube and more. They can work wonders for your online presence and conversion rates. Animated videos will grab everyone's attention and make you stand out from the crowd in the best way.

A few benefits of using Animated Commercials are the following:

  • Creativity can make you stand out
  • Video animation is more engaging and fun
  • Grab attention and boost brand recall
  • Easy to adapt to a wide variety of media
  • Explain complex ideas in seconds
  • Can help you build emotional connections and nurture long-term relationships

Can help you communicate your message with clarity and help you achieve your marketing objectives

Where you should use Animated Commercials

Animated Commercials can be used across various media platforms throughout the stages of the Customer Journey.

They can be used to educate, inform, explain and incentivise consumers to take action.

Animated Commercials can be used:

  • As TV ads
  • As part of your Digital Marketing strategy
  • As pre-roll videos on Youtube
  • As pre-roll videos at movie theatres

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