Charity and NGO Marketing Videos

Our marketing videos help Charities and NGOs to communicate their vision, recruit people to their cause and boost fundraising efforts.

What is a Charity & NGO Video Profile?

A Video Profile is an animation that is specifically designed to communicate the vision behind your organization and how you want to make an impact to your community, the environment or in any other area that your charity or NGO is involved with. Our creative team has helped a number of non-profit organizations from around the world to successfully communicate their message and raise awareness for important causes. These Charity and NGO Videos are ideal for recruiting people to your cause, raising donations, communicating the results of your work to donors or even recruiting volunteers. At Zedem we are passionate about creating videos that can help organizations drive positive social change. Give us a shout and let's see how we can help!

Where to showcase a Charity or NGO Video

  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • Landing pages; where videos can increase conversions up to 80%
  • Social media; to significantly increase engagement and shareability
  • Blog posts; to increase organic traffic
  • Emails; to substantially increase email engagement
  • Ad Campaigns; to boost Click Through Rate
  • Events; Presentations; Training Workshops

Our experience with non for profit organizations

Throughout the years we have actively sought to work with NGOs, Charities and all sorts of Not-For-Profit organizations because we love working with them and we believe that our animations can be a powerful tool that can help them achieve their goals. So far we have produced work for the following organizations:

  • Education: TED, School of Life, Wonderfest
  • Climate: Global Food Security, Chrysalis LEAP, Climate KIC
  • Human Rights: Amnesty International, Save the Children, Peace Players¬†
  • Others: Cardet, Addlife
  • Various Universities, Youth & Government organizations

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