Digital Marketing Videos

Video content for your Digital Marketing Strategy

The importance of Digital Marketing Videos

Nowadays, social media platforms hold huge sway over people, as well as having a vast reach. So it makes sense for your Digital Marketing campaigns to have a video focus; after all, a third of the time people spend online is dedicated to watching videos!

Digital Marketing videos are videos specifically designed to enhance your digital marketing strategy and increase customer engagement. The content of videos can be brand-related, product / service-related or can come in the form of an informative video that is not directly related to your products and services.

Video content is the future of Digital Marketing

Video content consumption is growing 70% year over year and research suggests that viewers are more likely to buy after watching a video on your website or social media. YouTube is where mobile device users spend most of their time, another research reveals. It is becoming clear that the future of Digital Marketing is video content.

A few benefits of using Digital Marketing Videos

  • Digital Marketing Videos grab attention and increase engagement
  • Video content is 40x more likely to get shared on social media
  • Videos are highly searchable and can generate increased organic traffic
  • Marketing videos can build emotional connections and nurture long-term customer relationships

Where you should use Digital Marketing Videos

Tailored Digital Marketing Videos can be used in all stages of the Customer Journey.

  • When used in landing pages videos can increase conversions up to 80%
  • Social media videos get significantly more shares
  • Blog posts with animation videos increase organic traffic
  • Email campaigns that include videos substantially increase Click Through Rates
  • Videos in Ad Campaigns boost reach and Click Through Rate

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