Explainer Videos

Animations that help explain your company or service in 1-2 minutes. Explainer videos are great for converting more leads into customers.

What exactly is an Explainer Video?

Think “pitch” and you have the right idea; a short animated video is your perfect pitch. In 1-2 minutes, an Explainer Video will grab your target audience’s attention and explain your product or service in a fun, engaging way that will help increase sales and conversions. The importance here, lies in the structure of the story and how the custom designs and smart animation compliment your message delivery, in order for people to understand the value that you are offering. This understanding of the value proposition will help to convert more leads into clients. Our creative experts at Zedem Media have the experience and the talent needed to help you stand out from your competition.

Why invest in an Explainer Video?

Animations that explain your business, products and services in a simple, informative and fun manner, achieve high brand and product recall rates. Videos are dominating content consumption and Explainer Videos together with search ads are placed at the core of online marketing strategies.

A few benefits of using explainer videos:

  • Help you attract, engage and convert more customers
  • Explain your business, products or services concisely
  • Highly shareable and searchable
  • Compliment SEO efforts and generate organic traffic.

Where you should use Explainer Videos

These videos are mostly used at the Awareness and Consideration stages of the Customer Journey. They are used in order to attract, inform and engage prospective customers when they are looking for a solution to a problem.

Explainer Videos can be used on:

  • Landing pages to increase conversions
  • Social media to increase engagement and shares
  • Blog posts to increase organic traffic
  • Ad Campaigns to boost Click Through Rates
  • Emails to increase open ratio and engagement

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