Original Content

If you are looking for Co-Production Partner for your next film or TV Series, or if you are a brand that is looking to get into the original content space, we are here to help.

What is Original Content?

Original Content Videos have a broad scope. They could be anything from short animation films to a television series or branded content revolving around education and factual entertainment. The world of animation has no limits and we are here to help you along your creative journey, whatever it may be. So if you are looking for a Co-Production Studio to partner with for a specific project or for an Animation Studio that will help you expand your online presence through branded original content, we would love to hear from you!​


What will a business gain from branded original content?

Original Content that is entertaining or educational includes a narrative structure that is not sales oriented. This will help you:

Reach out to new & greater audiences
Create stronger brand positioning
Connect on a more emotional level
Building trust and a community around your brand

Formats for Original Content Videos

Short or Feature-length animation films
TV or Web Series
Animated Documentaries
Video Blogging
Video Art
Video Mapping

Animation could also be used in a combination with live action footage for most of the above formats, especially for documentaries, factual entertainment and educational videos.

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