Startup Videos

Startup videos that explain your business idea with clarity

What is a Startup Video?

Getting started can be tough, be it generating trust and relationships with your clients, getting your message out, or generating conversions and sales in an industry dominated by established companies. There is a solution, however – Explainer Videos. With an Explainer Video, all you intrepid entrepreneurs can communicate your vision, build trust, raise capital and recruit users.

Startup Explainer Videos are specifically designed, as the name suggests, to explain a startup business idea in an “Elevator Pitch” style approach: complex ideas and technological breakthroughs made simple and concise.

Animated Startup Explainer Videos demand a high level of expertise in order to be successful. We at Zedem Media are proud to have helped a number of startups raise capital using our animated videos as part of their investor pitch decks.

Why you need to use Startup Explainer Videos

Startup Videos explain to your target audience what is your value proposition and what pain your product, service or innovation is solving.

A high-quality animation video that focuses on your story and your proposed solution will help you build trust and gain traction.

Startup Explainer Videos can also:

  • Enhance your startup presentation, a concise and consistent pitch every single time
  • Demonstrate the uses of your product in seconds
  • Increase product and brand recall
  • Recruit new users and investors

Where you should use Startup Videos

Startup videos should be at the heart of your Marketing Strategy.

You should use Startup videos for:

  • Investor presentations
  • Startup competitions
  • Seedfunding and Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Website and Social Media

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