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What is a Tutorial & Walkthrough Video?

A Video Tutorial is specifically designed to show to your customers what your product or service does and how it does it. In other words, it explains how it delivers value. For example, Video Tutorials for apps explain the functionality and the benefits of using a specific app.

Walkthrough Videos are instructional videos that aim to guide your customers through the steps they need to perform in order to fulfil a task. For example, a website registration that is perceived to be complicated and customers keep ringing the customer support for assistance.

The narrative and the on-screen action are designed to make the experience as enjoyable as possible and also enhance levels of information recall.

Major Benefits of Tutorial and Walkthrough videos

There are a number of advantages of using Tutorial & Walkthrough videos:

  • Explain your product, service or procedure with clarity and consistency every time
  • Improve your user experience, increasing trust around your brand
  • Easily accessible anytime and from any device
  • Allow prospective customers to experience your product or service before purchase
  • Create exceptional FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages
  • Minimise call-center time related to product usage and procedures (e.g. registration)
  • Stand out for the quality of your customer support and enhance the image and credibility of your company

Where you should use Tutorial & Walkthrough videos

Video Tutorials and Walkthrough Videos are an essential marketing tool for all stages of the Customer Journey.
At the Awareness stage, Tutorial Videos grab attention and inform people of the value offered by the proposed solution.
At the Consideration stage, prospective customers can experience the benefits and usability of the proposed solution and compare it with competitive solutions.
At the Purchase stage, those videos can reinforce the purchase decision and minimize buying-related stress.
At the Post purchase stages, Tutorial Video content is a functional tool that helps users extract maximum value from the product or service.

Tutorial and Walkthrough videos can be used:

  • As part of a welcome message after the customer has purchased the product or service
  • As FAQ content
  • As part of a presentation of the product or service
  • As a review of the product or service on social media and blogs

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