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4 Ways to Prevent Your Cat from Killing Birds

Client: Paratiro.gr is an initiative of the Association and Protection of Wildlife - ΑΝΙΜΑ - that is implemented in cooperation with the educational non-profit organization Science Communication- SciCo.

Project Objective: Every year, billions of wild animals die due to anthropogenic causes. One of the lesser known threats to wildlife - and especially birds - are cats. They're some of the most beloved household pets, yet they are also efficient predators. This animation video, created for our client Paratiro.gr, aims to inform the general public about how our domestic feline friends affect the survival of wild birds; and cat lovers, as to how they can help in tackling this issue.

Creative Approach: Shedding light upon such a particular issue was no easy task, but this is where the magic of animation came into play. We wanted to reach out to pet-owners and the general public about the issue and what they can do with humour and fun imagery.

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