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Client: In-house creative project for ZEDEM

Project Objective: 'Belong' is short film we created during our experimentation with new styles and animation techniques. It is based on a loose 'boy meets girl' narrative, set in a slightly surreal urban environment. This was our first original work in the form of a short film. We have since further developed our original content in the form of short animated films, 3D animation and Children's TV series. Find out more by clicking right here!

Creative Approach: The film was directed by Michael Kalopedis and all the designs and illustrations were created by Jeanne Bornet while the animation and compositing is the work of Andria Pourouti, Mia Savva and Alexandros Kimonidis. Special thanks goes out to our good friends: Ioakim Milonas who was part of the original concept development process, Louvana Records and the band 'Belua' for allowing us to use their music track, as well as Eleven 63 for creating the sound design.

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