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Client: The Yenesis Project stands for "Youth Employment Network for Energy Sustainability in Islands". The Yenesis Project aims at creating employment opportunities for young professionals that are not in Employment, Education, or Training (NEETs) in islands, aged between 25-29. The main objective for the project is to reduce unemployment by creating green jobs on islands in the areas of energy efficiency, renewables, sustainable tourism and mobility.

Project Objective: YENESIS came to us with the need to make an informative and appealing animated video, that outlines the Yenesis project and inform young people eligible to apply to it about the opportunities it can unravel for them and the impact they can have with their participation in it.

Creative Approach: Since the YENESIS project gives emphasis on young people and environmental sustainability and development, we wanted to make something fresh, youthful and green, that is informative and engaging to best represent the project.

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