Company Story Videos

Animations that make your company story memorable

What is a Company Story Video?

These animations tell the story behind your brand – and people love stories. They create a sense of magic and wonder, which makes video storytelling an original and effective way for people to relate to your brand. These company story videos are a fantastic way of telling everyone your story and letting your audience know what your company’s value, objectives and mission are, as well as letting them meet the team behind your brand. Our creative experts at Zedem Media have the experience and sensitivity to tell your story in a unique and compelling way through the art of animation.

Why you need to use Company Story Videos

An honest company story video shows the world exactly who you are and what you stand for. How your products, services or community initiatives make a difference in the world. Your company story helps you connect with your audience on an emotional level and build trust around your brand.

  • Company Story Videos set you apart from your competition
  • Convey your personality and values
  • Form good rapport with your audience
  • Compel people to relate to your story and brand
  • Build trust and emotional connections

Where you should use Company Story Videos

These videos are used at the Decision Stage of the Customer Journey. They set your brand as a trustworthy option and increase sales conversions.

Company Story Videos are best used on:

  • Landing pages to introduce your brand
  • Social media to increase engagement and shareability
  • Ad Campaigns to increase Click Through Rates
  • Crowdfunding campaigns to recruit people to your cause

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