Educational Videos

We are a production company that is passionate for Educational Videos that enhance learning and build communities around brands

Educational Videos enhance learning

We think that learning is great, especially when enhanced through an animated Educational Video. And here at Zedem, we are truly passionate about creating Educational Animations that can help educators create a more engaging classroom environment, thought leaders communicate their message to the world, corporate organizations train their staff and marketeers enhance their company's brand image.

So far we have created Educational Videos for organizations such as TED-Ed, School of Life, Canva, PwC, Pearson Education and more.

Why use Educational Videos for marketing?

Educational videos is the ultimate method for building an online community around your brand. Creating a series of educational videos and facilitating the conversation around this video content will help you to come across as the expert in your industry.

Marketing Benefits from Educational Videos:

  • Establish yourself as the expert / Higher brand positioning
  • Their shareability entices new visitors to your website
  • Increase engagement on social media channels
  • Save thousands through free advertising
  • Improve your SEO & Online Sales

Educational Videos is the new black

So... just because your business may not focus on education endeavours, don't think that Educational Videos aren't for you – everyone can benefit from them. OK, perhaps you're a non-profit organization set on bettering the world through education? Perfect! But if you are a non-profit, looking for a little boost, a series of Educational Videos will not only grab attention, but can also encourage people to start thinking and talking, to take further action, or simply sign up for your cause and support you both physically and financially. And if you're a big business wanting to reach out to your clients in a new way, Educational animated Videos are the next big thing in marketing. Remember, you first heard it from us ;)

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