Marketing, Educational & Explainer Videos

We are an animation studio that helps build a community around your brand & convert leads into clients

Educational Videos

Know something you just have to tell everyone? Well, educational videos are the way forward! Use these animated videos to initiate and facilitate conversation around your brand, boost unique views and set yourselves ahead, as experts in your field. Learn more...

Explainer Videos

Pitch the benefits of your product or service with a captivating and fun animated explainer video that will grab everyone’s attention. No matter the style, 90-seconds is usually the sweet spot for these explainer animations, which use a story-oriented approach that aims to convert leads into clients. Learn more...

Company Story Videos

Everyone loves a good story and what better way to tell one, than through a unique animated video introducing yourself and mission? What is the passion that drives your team? What are the values that you stand for? Company story videos will build trust around your brand, for businesses and non-profits alike. Learn more...

Digital Marketing Videos

An awesome marketing campaign needs to be ‘Videocentric’. Marketing videos are a must for a strong online presence, adding that extra edge to your social-media advertising campaigns, whilst being highly shareable. We can be your partners in developing your online video strategy. Learn more...

Animated Commercials

Looking to advertise on TV? 30 seconds isn’t much, but animated video makes it a blessing. Our engaging animated commercials can make your message stand out, whilst avoiding the costs of live-action. Not to mention that with animated commercials, updating the content later is quick and easy. Learn more...

Tutorials & Walkthrough Videos

No one likes reading the manual, so why not solve the problem with a great animated walk-through video that showcases exactly what your product does. These tutorial videos will minimize customer support time and create a better user experience. Learn more...

Startup Videos

Are you just getting started and searching for that extra factor? An animated startup video is what will help you to clearly communicate your vision to investors and recruit users. We love helping new enterpreneurs kickstart their future. Learn more...

Charity & NGO Video Profiles

Do you strive to improve and provide for the world? We’ll help your non-profit organization get its message out with an impactful animated profile video that will help securing funds from donors and recruit like-minded individuals to your cause. Learn more...

Original Content

Original ideas call for original content. Whether it's about short films, an episode-based series or even a feature, reach out to us if you are looking for a co-production studio or if you would like to create branded content. Learn more...

What makes a good story memorable?

What makes a good story memorable?

Some of our favourites


  • Working with Zedem Media was seamless. From start to finish they gathered our ideas, made very useful and relevant suggestions, came up with a pertinent and incredibly empathetic interpretation of our message that focused in on the key elements we wanted to address whilst at the same time conveying the ‘bigger picture’ of the overall campaign. I would absolutely work with them again and again.

    CEO, Foundation for Social Improvement
  • The people at Zedem raise the bar on what it means to be professional. Their structured approach to managing their projects, as well as their relentless follow-up and ‘on the ball' attitude made it a sheer pleasure to work with them. Our final video was delivered on-time, on budget, and above our expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for versatility in styles, and excellently produced animated videos

    Co-Founder, Chrysalis Leap
  • It was a pleasure working with Zedem Media. We were collaborating across time zones but their understanding of our requirements, the responsiveness and the attention our project received was amazing. Within tight deadlines, they have delivered a quality animated video which was very well received. We appreciate the effort and creativity that Zedem has brought in. It would be great to collaborate with them again.

    Associate Director, Mindtree.
  • From the very first conversation, and the very first sketch, I could tell that Zedem Media was going to be wonderful to work with. Indeed, at every turn, I felt the *wonder* of gifted artists and thoughtful managers at work along with very reasonable prices. I don’t think I could have been happier with either Zedem’s process or product.

    Founder, Wonderfest
  • We were very pleased to work with Zedem Media. They quickly grasped our ideas and the team has implemented it in a professional way, clearly communicating the results and quickly responding to our inputs.

    Co-Founder, Sentimoto
  • We have collaborated with Zedem media on many occasions and we are very satisfied with their work. They keep coming up with innovative ideas that offer us the value we are looking for

    PwC Cyprus, Marketing Director
  • Working with Zedem was a great experience. The team understood our needs from the very first meeting. Communication was flawless, and execution was prompt and spot on. They managed to deliver an excellent quality of work in a short amount of time and they were patient and attentive to all our needs. It was a pleasure collaborating with them and I would highly recommend them!

  • You've are doing a beautiful job. We're truly delighted.

    Alain De Botton,
    Alain De Botton,
    Founder, School of Life

Brand Experience

From multinationals to non-profits and technology startups, we've covered the full spectrum. We have the talent to adapt to each situation and the experience needed to understand what you do, and help you communicate your message in the most engaging way.

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